My name is Nina.
And you are at my website! Make yourself at home! Explore all the options you can be provided with!
Services, which you can find on the website, no doubt, can be useful for you (teaching Russian, for example).
So now I need to present myself a bit.
I was born in Russian speaking environment (to be precise my motherland is Belarus) where I studied and got my University education as a philologist, translator and tutor.
Since my young age I noticed my huge interest for foreign languages. This is why it has always been interesting for me to study English (as a first foreign language), German, Spanish, French and Danish.
I began to study the Danish language by myself and have mastered it at the Jyderup højskole in Denmark.
While living in Denmark I have noticed that there are different situations, which can lead to such needs as need to translate from Danish to Russian, English to Danish, English to Russian and vice versa. Or the need to learn the language (Danish or Russian) because you will soon work or study in Denmark (maybe you are already here) or Russia (and other Russian-speaking country). It may also be an interest to learn one more foreign language.
As an experienced certificated teacher I offer teaching Russian and Danish (for beginners) via Skype.
As a well-trained translator I can help with translation of some language material, which you need to have translated.
You can find more information about the services at the thematic sections of the website.
Have a nice time while searching for the services you need and give a mail to me, when you have decided upon the things I can help you with or in case you have questions.